So on Wednesday last week I was at a gay club, and on Friday I went to a straight club. I wasn’t going to go out that night, but both Pixie and Tony was nagging on me to go out. They just broke up “for good” and in the end I got ready and went out. I got there about 11.30PM and Pixie came and met me by the door. I wasn’t really in a good mood to start with and when she and Tony were mutually ignoring each other and both wanting to hang out with me my mood didn’t get any better.

At one point I kinda fled and one of the bouncer dudes asked me if I was ok. I told him I was fine… He told me that I seemed upset and asked if anything had happened. So I told him I had two friends who’d just broken up and that I was just generally not in a good mood and that the next person who looked at me the wrong way might just end up getting punched.

“But you won’t hit me, will you?” Bouncer Dude asked me.

“Nah, not worth an assault charge,” I told him. “And you might hit me back.”

He told me there was two reasons he wouldn’t hit me back: I was wearing a lot of eye-liner and it looked good and he thought I was a good dancer. And cos he’s been working with go-go dancers for years I should take that as a compliment. I did.

When Pixie is feeling down she drinks. A lot! So in the end I called her roomie to ask him to come get her. I was worried she wouldn’t make it home alright on her own. She was so drunk she might just get on the wrong bus, fall asleep and lose her bus card or something…

For some reason Tony said there’d be an after-party at his place… And for some reason I ended up going there. Let’s just say this is how much I’m willing to talk about that after-party right now.