On Sunday a bunch of people are coming over and if the snow is still here we’ll have a snowball fight and play in the snow :D And if the snow has melted away by then we’ll have a movie night or something ^^ (ex)boyfriend, Pixie and Bubblegum Boy are confirmed guests. Tony will be over if he’s feeling well (he’s been ill for a while) and I’m still waiting for a reply from Kit. I sent him a text cos his phone was turned off.

I asked (ex)boyfriend if he was ok with Bubblegum Boy* joining us, and he said that why not? He can throw snowballs at him al day xD And if he says he’s ok with it I believe him. I don’t think he’d say he was ok with it if he’d rather not have to see Bubblegum Boy. (And if he’s not ok with it and get’s pissed of or something that’s not my problem)

I’m really looking forward to Sunday :D

*That’s the guy I cheated on him with… Please don’t tell me I’m a horrible person for cheating on him. I already know that.