A band with lyrics such as these  (BTW, those lines could be about reproductive rights in the US. At least in the crazy, pro-life, bible-thumping, republican places of the US):

Another tragedy in the news
Someone shooting down the right to choose
It doesn’t seem at all that they chose the right way
Another law I heard got passed today
Someone’s trying to take my rights away
It doesn’t seem to me they chose the right way
It’s out of my hands but stuck in my mind in time I find my spine
is crooked in design I want to be so much more

And who end another song with these stats:

According the department of justice
One out of five american women are victims of rape
Or sexual assult in their lifetime
25 percent of women report that they have been assualted
Or raped by their current or former partner
25 percent of students have been vistims of a violent crime
That took place in or around their school
8 hundred thousand sixth to twelth grade students
Carried a gun to their school last year
What’s going on?

And who have really good music to acompany the lyrics… Well, then can be nothing short of awesome! I think I have a crush on Zebrahead…