I did not have a nice day yesterday… I woke up about 40 minutes away from home.  That wasn’t so bad, but I did have to get home… And I was in pain. Like very much pain  >< Stupid UTI!!!

So I get home… And it feels like I have to pee like every five minutes… And every time I pee I feel like I’m going to die. I’ve had UTIs before, but none as bad as this one. The pain actually made me CRY! That doesn’t happen… Physical pain don’t make me cry! Failing tests and the scene when Mufasa dies in the Lion Kind makes me cry… Physical pain hardly ever makes me cry! And it hurt a lot like all the time too…

So in the end I call the local hospital. They have an appointment for me.. At 8PM, so I had to wait several hours, in pain, to see a doctor.

At least (ex)boyfriend came over. And I got some anti-biotics… I’m still in pain, but today it’s bearable and tomorrow or the day after it should be gone.