It’s basic decensy. “Do unto other…” and so on. I’ve been raped. It fucked me up and bit and I still feel the effects of it. Once in a while I’ll have a panick attack and once in a while I’ll have a flashback. If I could I would change the past… Some people will ask me if I’m sure it was “really rape” when I tell them what happened and some people offer to beat up the rapist.

Anyway, back on topic now.

I could never inflict that kind of pain on someone else. I’d feel horrible about it! If I’m not completely sure the person I’m sleeping with it into it, I’ll ask! It’s not that hard. I don’t think I would be physically able to rape, it the person I want to have sex with doesn’t want it… Well, that’s a huge turn off for me. If the other person however very much wants to have sex with me that’s a huge turn on.