I’m supposed to be studying right now. I missed a week cos I got really ill.

Tuesday last week I woke up and had some trouble breathing. My throat was kinda swollen… So I panicked, which made it worse, and called [911]. The ambulance people were really nice, checked if I got enough air, my pulse and if I had a fever. I did get enough air and my heart beat about 120 times per minute. I did have a fever as well.

Since I did get enough air I wasn’t an emergency so I had to get my ass to the hospital on my own. The doctor presecribed pencilin and told me to stay at home for a few days. So I was home all of last week. I slept, finished watching The Wire, slept some more and downloaded The L Word. I have two and a half seasons left on that series :P

I’m well now, just bit stressed and trying to catch up at school. Luckily we are right at the beginning of a course so I hardly missed anything :D