On this queer community site I mentioned a couple of posts agpo I re-read their policy and it said that women who didn’t want men to write and who stated this on their presentaion could report all the men who wrote to them. So I tweaked my presentation and now the decent messeges I get outnumber the unwanted ones. And the unwanted ones from men I report^^ So I met a couple of nice girls there and even one guy I though was decent.

He’s not.

After a week or so of chatting about stuff he started more or less asking me to come over when he was horny. I asked him not to, cos I found it annoying and plain disrespectful. He replied that if I dind’t want any sexual suggestions then we’d better not talk cos that was the way he was.

“If that what it takes… I’m so tired of all the proposals I get,” I wrote back, then I went to sleep. This morning I had a reply in my inbox:
“Well, we men love womens’ bodies. But I’m starting to tire cos it’s hard to find a body with a heart in it.”

So basically he calls me heartless cos I don’t want to get any sexual proposals from him… Bloody idiot! What’s wrong with men!?! Someone please tell me there still exist decent men, and that all men who act decent don’t do so only in hopes of getting laid…