I’m not straight. I’ve actually known this for years, but since I’m also attracted to men it was easy to stay in denial. So I’ve been out to myself for about two years or so. I came out to my mum over the weekend.

Little brother calls to invite me to his 18th birthdayparty. Then he asks if I want to talk to my mum. I did… So we talk for a while and I wanted to tell her a bit about the idiots I found on this site. So I start by telling her that I joined a queer community.

Mum: Can non-queer people join too?
Me: Mum, I’m not straight.
(My brother said something in the background)
Mum (to my brother): Shh, I think your sister is coming out to me!

She then told me that I shouldn’t discriminate, I shouldn’t have sex with anyone! :D