Recently I joined this queer community site. I hardly know any queer people and the few I know pretty much consist of a bisexual girl who loved threesomes with her boyfriend and a gay guy who will happily talk about how confusing women are and how happy he is that he doesn’t need to deal with them. Not really a wide range of people for one thing, and not really the kind of people I tend to get along with either.

So I joined, fixed my presentation. I filled in a bunch of questions about sexual orientation and what I was looking for on the site. Since I’m bisexual and mainly just looking to talk to some queer people that’s what I filled in along with stuff like music taste (pretty much everything), clothing style(jeans/rave/street), what I do (study law), how open I am with my orientation (the closest to me know), stuff I like (clubbing, travel , watch movies etc) and a bunch of other typical community presentation questions.

The first night I spent online talking to people I lost count on the guys over thirty asking me for sex. Among the most memorable are a 59 year old dominant man asking me if I’d ever “completely surrendered to a man”. A 36 year old asking if I had a webcamera. A 20 year old submissive guy asking if I wanted a sexual slave, when told no thanks, he got really annoying and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The next day he asked me if I wanted to shave his butt. There was also this 34 year old who lives 600km away who offered to buy me a ticket so I could visit him.

There was this one guy who lived really close to me (five minutes away with the bus) who seemed nice. Then I started complaining about all the guys over thirty who asked for sex. “Sleep with me instead,” he said. Apparantly we would fit nicely together since we are both in love with our exs.

Of the countless offers for sex I got there was a total of one I thought about: A girl asked if I wanted to have a threesome with her and her almost-boyfriend. In the end I turned her down though, cos the guy was 29.

Oh, and all the guys (‘cept for one) who asked me for sex were listed as straight. I joined the site to talk to other queer people… If I want to be offered sex by straight guys I’ve never met before all I have to do is wear a short skirt to a night club. If I was looking for anonymous internet sex with straight guys I’d join an online community mainly for straight people.


Edit: There was also this 37 year old MtF transexual person who accused me of transphobia cos I turned her down for sex -.- The reason I turned her down was party cos of her age, partly cos she lived across the country and partly cos I’m not that intrested in a one night stand at the moment. Got nothing to do with her gender.