The past few times that I went out clubbing the bliss I usually feel on the dancefloor has been absent. Not so last Friday :D I had so much fun! I was out on the dancefloor A LOT! And not just the dancefloor I’m mostly used to (the techno-floor) but also some on one of the other dance floors in this club I usually go to.

I love just dancing, not having to think, not having to care about anything. I really, really love it! It makes me feel really good… I’d just made a poor choice when it came to clothes. I’d opted for jeans and a t-shirt. That’s waaaay too hot for bouncing around on the dance floor! So in the end I was wearing my bikini top and jeans.

The good thing with the bikini top was that temperature-wise it became a lot more bearable to be on the dance floor. The bad thing with it was that some people (two of the bouncers -.-) took it as an invitation to sexually harass me. Morons.

Pixie and Linda were there as well as a bunch of other people I know. A friend of Pixie thought he’d go home with me, but right now jumping in bed with strangers is not the best idea. Making out on the other hand…  :P

Pixie’s friend lives really close to me, so we shared a cad (he payed, but dropped me off on the way home^^). And I did tell him that I was going home alone, so it’s not like I led him on or anything! Tony got really worried when he found out we were sharing a cab though. Turns out Pixie forgot to tell me a few things about this “friend”. Some of the stuff Tony told me makes the label “date rapist” fit. I’m so glad I went home alone!