There is an application on facebook called “Friends for Sale”. There you can “buy” your friends and stuff :P I bought Pixie from one of her friends. He couldn’t afford to buy her back, and complained about it to her. Somehow that resulted in me getting invited to his party last weekend xD

Due to an idiot busdriver we missed the bus, and since it was Saturday evening they only went every half-hour. Thanks to another couple of Pixie’s friends we got picked up by car :D When we got to the party I was introdcued to the host. He was tall and drunk and looked like a manga-freak had styled his hair.

Among the hundred or so people at the party I thought I didn’t know anyone but Pixie. Turned out I was wrong. A friend of Ria, Andy, was there. I haven’t seen her in a really long time, so it was nice seeing her again.

“What are you doing here,” she asked me.
“What are you doing here?” I asked her I asked at the same time.
“I know [random guy name]” she answered.
“I don’t know,” I said in reply to her question, and then when I registered that she knew someone- “Who?”
“The guy who’s hosting this party,” she answered and laughed.

That is probably my last sober memory. After that I started drinking, and I got wasted… I made out with Pixie and Andy (no big deal there… I liked it ^^) and with some random dude I can’t even remember (waste of energy since I can’t even remember who it was) and a friend of Pixie’s (bad idea).

Pixie also made out with the afformentioned friend and the reason I say it was a bad idea is partly cos I would not have made out with him sober and partly cos he tried to get me and Pixie to join him for a threesome xD Someday I wanna try that, but not with Pixie and definitely not with him!

At some point my mum called and failed to notice I was drunk xD

At some point (ex)boyfriend called and did notice I was drunk. By that time I was drunk enough to rush to the bathroom *ashamed* so I had to hang up… Andy found me and took care of me. She also made sure I got home properly^^ A friend of her picked us up and drove me home. Despite almost passing out in the backseat I managed to direct them to my place :D *proud*

During the time I spent in the car both Pixie and (ex)boyfriend started getting worried. Pixie cos I had dissappeared and the last time she’d seen me I had been close to fallin asleep in a corner, (ex)boyfriend cos I’d hung up on him and not called back for like and hour. Both of them tried to call me, both failed to get through.

When I got up to my apartment I struggled a bit with the key, got in, forgot to lock the door after me, stumbled into my room, dropped everything in my hands and tried to find my mobile. When I found it I say several missed calls from (ex)boyfriend and Pixie. I sent a text to Pixie telling her I was home and called (ex)bofyriend. I don’t rememer very much about that conversaiong, but aparantly i told him I loved him and asked him to come over…

After that I collapsed in bed… Still fully dressed.