Bubblegum Boy was over yesterday. We had planned to go watch a movie and have dinner at my place… Uhm, in reverse order that is. We eneded up having dinner at my place and then watching a bunch of Numb3rs episodes :P

In the middle of one of those episodes Crush calls. I talk to him/her for a minute or so and then hang up. Bubblegum Boy asks if it’s (ex)boyfriend. I say it’s a friend. He asks if it’s the one I have a crush on.

“Am I that obvious?” I ask. He says that I am.

Five minutes later Crush calls again. He’d dialed the wrong number cos (s)he’s so used to calling me. Bubblegum Boy thinks that this person might maybe have a crush on me too… I hope not, I just want to stay friends…Bubblegum Boy asks if it was Tony who called, as in if it’s Tony I have a crush on. I tell him it’s not Tony and that I don’t want him to know who it is.

Bubblegum Boy still thinks it’s Tony -.-