I’m on facebook chatting with the rapist’s sister. She is a really nice person who just happens to have an idiot for a brother…

She’s a mum now! Her baby girl is so cute :)

I asked her how her family was doing and she listed what they all were doing now. Her youngest brother is eight years old now! I remember when he was born!

Then she told me that the rapist was doing better, and from what she’d heard he’d been treating me bad the time I went to visit… She told me he had been having a rough time and doing drugs and stuff. She also said that it didn’t excuse anything, but that he at least was doing better now.

I told her that he’d refused to listen when I said no. AND SHE BELIEVED ME!! :D That means a lot to me! She believed me over her little brother… He’s doing much better now, but it took him time to get clean and stuff. Apparantly he even stopped smoking regular ciggarets.

I find myself being happy for him… Maybe someday I will be able to see him without kicking him someplace painful…