The would-be rapist from this weekend called me the day before yesterday:

“Hey, how are you?” he asked me.

-I’m ok

“I think I just got sober today (insert small laugh), how long did it take you to sober up?”

-I was sober last Friday (said in my annoyed-but-not-yet-angry-voice

“Oh, poor you had to babysit me…”

-Yeah, poor me had to babysit some idiot guy who couldn’t take no for an answer! (said in the now-I’m-pissed-voice)

“Oh, yeah.. About that, I meant to appologise….”

-Well, you could’ve thought about that before you pushed me up against a fucking wall in bleeding Old Town, couldn’t you?

“Yeah… I’m sorry…”

-Bit late don’t you think?

“Well, I’ll just never be in touch again, happy now?”


(He hangs up)

So I confronted him, I told him exactly how pissed off I was (and if I didn’t do it with the words I used he certainly got the message… I more or less yelled at him) and I didn’t just take his appology. He didn’t really do that much damage, and if me yelling at him makes him never do something like that again it was worth it… I just don’t think a half-assed appology is enough to make me ever want to hang out with him again!

And I didn’t feel bad about yelling at him! That’s my step forward in this whole thing :) I tend to feel bad for everything I do that could maybe, potentially hurt someones’ feelings.