I went to see Ria Monday-Tuesday. I’ve never seen her place even though she’s been living there for over a year now… So Tony decided to “kidnap” me and drive us up^^

I just wish I could remember more of the visit… We got drunk all three of us, and I didn’t even have that much to drink. If I compare to how much I had on my graduation or the first time I got really wasted what I had on Monday was nothing. So I’m gusessing that the alcohol wasn’t the only culprit to my fuzzy memory.

Ria’s place is really nice :) It’s a one-bedroom apartment with a fairly big kithcen. I’m really annoyed with myself cos I forgot my camera ><

We were supposed to stay ’till today, but Tony’s parents needed their car back :P Half the drive home (two-and-half hours) was spent with me interogating Tony about Monday night. Mostly along the lines of “What did I do?” and “I did WHAT?!?”

The Tuesday was nice once I got over my hangover (around 3PM). We watched the Lion King and Ria made a really fancy three course dinner (with me and Tony helping out a little).