Now I’m getting pissed off.

In Sweden some famous guy is going on trial for beating up his girlfriend. She reported him, but then recanted, stating that she injured herself. Thankfully intimate partner violence can be prosecuted anyway. They even have some pretty strong evidence. Among other:

  • Several witnesses who saw him pulling her away by her hair (that is painful!)
  • Some of the wounds would be physically impossible for her to give herself.
  • Several documented injuries

The defence, other than the woman’s own testimony, have her father testifying. What kind of sick man would testify so that the guy who beat up his daugher goes free? What kind of sane person would do that? Here you have a chance to get your daughter out of an abusive relationship and you chose to testify to protect the perpetrator?

The defence’s reply to the “dragging away in her haird” part is that he was protecting her so she wouldn’t hurt herself. Apparantly she’s been suffering from anxiety and has hurt her self. Her dad is going to testify about her not feeling to well lately. Of course she’s not feeling well! She’s in a very unhealthy relationship!

Oh, I just thought I’d add that the Metro might not be the most reliable source…