At first when I started I felt completely out of place. I felt like I was the only kid in class who cared about more than money, the only kid in class who didn’t come from an upperclass family, the only kid in class who actually had to live on the studentloans.

In class I wasn’t the brightest kid, I wasn’t the one who always had the answer when the teacher asked. I wasn’t the one people who had missed a class came to and asked if they could copy my notes. I felt invisible.

Now I know I’m not the only kid from an average middle class family. There are even some from working class families, some kids who will be the first one in their family with a college degree. Some have to work at the same time as they are studying to live.

I’m still not the smartest kid in class, but I’m starting to understand what the teacher is talking about, I’m on my way back to having the asnwer to all her questions in class. One step at the time I know I can do this. I can make friends and get the grades I need to do what I want.

I’m still not completely sure that I’m not the only one not in it for the money though…