Yesterday I was out clubbing and I happened to overhear a woman tell two of her friends that she was going to be a mum. She was positively glowing with happiness.

Later a guy asked me if I knew her name cos he thought she was hot. I told him that yes I might know her name, but that she was pregnant, and happily so.

“What about her then?” He asked and pointed at Linda. “She isn’t pregnant is she?”

“Nope, she is a mum and the father of her child is over there” I told him and pointed at Linda’s boyfriend.

“Oh…” the guy said. Then he saw Daisy. “What about her then?”

“You definitely won’t have a chance with her,” I told him.

“I’m not really out to looking to get laid,” he told me. “I’ve noticed that when you don’t chace the girls they come to you, so that’ll be my strategy.”

I nearly fell over laughing at the very desperate guy in front of me.