Yet another post I don’t want boyfriend to read. This is also cos I don’t know how much the people involved would want him to know. They are both fine with talking to me, and Tony is also fine with me writing about it here, but I’m not sure if they are ok with boyfriend knowing too. This is first and foremost my place to vent, the reason I’m not crazier than I am.

Pixie has asked for the URL to this blog, and I said maybe. I didn’t really want to give it to her… And after talking to Tony yesterday about their relationship I definitely don’t want her to read this blog. Her and Tony won’t last and that might just break her heart. I like her and don’t want to see her get hurt, but I like Tony more and I don’t want to see him miserable.

They are just not really compatible. Sometimes I wonder if Tony is romantically compatible with anyone… Once when i told him I missed boyfriend cos I hadn’t seen him in a week Tony asked how I could stand seeing him that often.

Tony told me he thinks that him and Pixie would be better of as friends, but that he if afraid of breaking up. She’s said that he is a major reason why she is still alive. He feels like she is emotionally blackmailing him and making it impossible to end things. She is head over heels in love, and his feelings are fading. Her self esteem is really bad, and she pretty much changes her personality to what she thinks he wants. What he wants is someone who can be independent. Someone who doesn’t let his opinion be more important than her own in if she is getting pierced or not. Someone who can tell him that sorry if you don’t like my decision but this is what I want so deal with it. The problem is that if she would be like that it would be cos that’s what he wants…

I hate being in the middle of it, hate that I care so much when it’s none of my buisiness.