I would appreciate if boyfriend didn’t read this post cos it’s none of his business. It’s not really any of my business either, but since I know are friends with everyone involved it makes me involved too. Since boyfriend knows the people involved too, but isn’t that close friends with them I would prefer if he didn’t read this.

Since I met Pixie we’ve become friends. Not only do we have Tony in common, we also have some other experiences in common. Both of us have attempted suicide and both of us have been raped. Right now she is going through something I hope we’ll never have in common. She’s pregnant and doesn’t want to be.

I talked to her on the phone today, and she told me she is going to terminate. Neither her nor Tony are ready for a kid. She told me Tony had promised to stay with her even if she chose to stay pregnant. That almost surprised me… But I’m happy he said that. If he had threatened to break up with her to get her to have an abortion I don’t think I’d want to stay friends with him anymore.

In one way it feels really weird this whole situation. I’m not used to my male friends staying in touch with me this good after they meet a girl. And Tony is one of the few of my friends who regularly call me even if I don’t call him. Just the fact that Tony is in love with her would make me like her. The fact that he doesn’t ignore me for her makes me almost love her ^^

Today when I was on the phone with her and we started talking about blogging and I told her I have an anonymous blog. She asked for the adress :P They all do xD I told her that in the unlikely event I would give her the adress she had to promise Tony would not find it. I don’t want him on this blog. Not that I don’t trust him, it would just feel weird to have him read my thoughts like that… Not to mention all the posts where I got into detail about my sex life, specially the ones about the nights I spent at his place. I’m way more comfortable with Pixie reading that… Who knows? She might be the next person from my RL to get this URL.