I’m moving again. This time I’ll live less than half an hour from Uni ^^Boyfriend will help me move :)

I feel sorry for the girl I’m living with now. She really needs the rent money… But I can’t stay here. It’s too far away from the people I love, too far away from Uni… And her cats are driving me crazy and she doesn’t clean the litter box often enough so the whole apartment smells ><

Right now she hardly has enough money for food even, and she won’t get any money before the 25th. I ended up saying I’d lend her some money ’till then. I have a lot of money right now. I got 4k for my birthday, 4k from work, 9k from CSN. (Swedish money of course) And so far I’ve spent 2k on rent, 2,5k on text books and some on food. I don’t think I’ll ever end up in her situation though, cos I don’t think I’ll ever end up with a dog and four cats.