I have custom CSS now thanks to boyfriend so this blog is soon going to look exactly like I want it to look^^ So far I’m at least half way there :D

My birthday party went pretty good :) Risika plus her boyfriend, Ria, Tony, Pixie, E, boyfriend, Linda plus two and I came. Ria had pretty much fixed everything xD The food was good and I got presents :D After that we went out clubbing^^

Me and Ria stayed on the dance floor ’till the music stopped :D Boyfriend left earlier since he had to work on Saturday. I also met a lot of people :) Pink was there :D I wondered how drunk Tony was cos he told me he loved me as a friend :D Seriously, that guy is becoming one of my closest friends, second only to Nadia.

Somehow I had managed to forget my key at my aunt’s place, so me and Ria ended up staying at Tony’s house. Pixie and Tony had some kind of disagreement and/or fight I never really figured out what happened. First it seemed like Pixie was jealous of me and Ria, but now I’m not completely sure.

Saturday we all woke up pretty late and stayed in bed half-asleep for a long time even after we’d woken up. Ria and Tony also had a lot of fun tickling me… I didn’t have as much fun -.- Late afternoon me and Ria left to clean up the place where I’d had my birthday party.

When we were done we had to wait for my aunt to get home so I could get all the stuff I had at her place. While waiting Ria and me went for a walk ^^ The part of town where my aunt lives is really nice, specially at nigh. When my aunt called and told me she was home we went back and got my stuff. My aunt may also have found a better place for me to live. A friend of her who lives about twenty-five minutes from uni wants to rent out a room. Now I live a bit more than an hour away from uni, so that would be a huge improvement^^

I’m really tired and I need to study, but I really had a great weekend :D