Apparently Sweden is considerd the most equal coutry. I don’t agree. We might be the least unequal country though…

A couple of days ago we had a bunch of people with the same degree I’ll get when/if I graduate: A Masters of Law. They were there so we could ask them questions. One of the questions was how easy it was for women with children to work in each field. The defence attorney said that at the moment all his male employees were on paternety leave and none of his female were. So he said that it wasn’t impossible. The district attorney said she wanted to do a little test. How many of the men had kids and how many of the women had kids. All the (four) men had kids and only one (out of four) woman had kids. This sparked a discussion on equality between those eight people.

They came to the conclusion that none of their feilds were equal yet, but they hoped that it would be better by the time we graduated.