Who are they? All those rape and assault survivors… Cos there are a lot of us out there. More than you want to know about and probably in your closest circle of friends. Most of them are female, but not all.

It could be your sister or your best friend or that guy who sits next to you in maths class. It can be the person delivering your mail or that girl you just couldn’t take your eyes off on the bus this morning. It could be that woman on TV who claims that all victims are liars. It could be that nice old lade who lives across the street. It could be you.

The only thing in common for all of us is that we survived abuse. Some of us go on with our lives like nothing happened, carrying all the pain inside. Some of us go to therapy bi-weekly for several years. Some of us haven’t even realised that what happened was an assault and a crime. Some of us can never again have a functioning relationship with people of the same gender/race/group that our abuser belongs to.

I can name at least five victims that I know personally without problem. Some of them are close friends and others I’ve met only once. The only thing we all have in common is that we happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and someone chose to ignore our boundaries.