One of Sweden’s most knows bloggers was sexually assaulted on vacation. I read about this in a tabloid newspaper who posted the “sex” part of the headline in LARGE letters and the rest in very small ones. Also, this blogger is young, female and pretty. So they had a huge picture of her on the front page too. This is wrong for so many reasons that I can’t even be bothered to write about it cos other people do it better.

Anyway, so what happened was that she and her friends went into a club only to discover that everyone but them where in their 40s or 50s. They didn’t leave right away and at some point one dude shoved his fingers up her vagina (which by the way is rape according to Swedish law).

I was at a friends place when I read about this and was pissed off. My friend was all like “what did she expect?” and “why didn’t she leave?” and “God, she’s stupid*”. This is what I told my friend:

What did she expect? Well, since she went clubbing with her friends she probably expected to have fun on a dance floor, why didn’t she leave? Well, it says right there *pints at magazine* “the music was good and we didn’t want to judge the place on some of the customers”. And no, she’s not stupid. She earns a ton of money by blogging. Someone stupid doesn’t earn millinos by writing about shopping.

My friend was still blaming this blogger a lot though, and nothing I said could convince her she was wrong. What the fuck is wrong with my friends?

*That was less about the assault and more about her blog. Her blog-persona is an airhead obsessed with shopping and stuff like that. In an interview she said that she spends more than 10k SEK on shopping every month (that is almost a whole months wage for low earners).