A comment on L’s post made me think about peoples’ assumptions. Most of the time people don’t assume I’m getting married any time soon even if they ask if it’s ok with my boyfriend that I go out partying without him. Marriage isn’t as mandatory for women in Sweden as it seems to be elsewhere. Sweden is after all “the most equal country in the world” where women make a whooping 80-something cent to the male dollar. Where the three of four dads take paternity leave. The parents share the time off work with the dads taking 10% and the mums the rest, oh so equal.

The other day I was talking to a co-worker who is a student at the university I’ll be attending from this semester. He asked if my boyfriend was a student there too. I told him that my boyfriend is working and saving money to buy himself an apartment. So the co-worker asked “Then what? You two get married?”

Why does he have to assume that we are EVER getting married? Or that we will do as soon as he can “provide” for me? I might want to live with boyfriend one day, but I highly doubt we’ll ever get married.

Yesterday I was on my way to work and overheard a couple talking to a friend. They were all my age, the couple a year younger and their friend a year older than me. They were engaged and talking about their future life together. The guy in the couple was going to do his military service and then they were getting married. These two kids were planning on getting married before they turned twenty! They were barely out of high school… Bite Me and Lynette are the same age and more or less planning to get married, but they want to finish college and sort out their separate lives first.

This post turned out to be quite rambling… Sorry!