Friday I woke up around 3-4Pm, had a shower and made my way over to Linda’s place. There we got dressed and fixed make-up and drank wine and hung out with people xD Then it became time to go to the club^^ I love clubbing! And this day they had a fun theme, White Night. Basically everyone dressed in while and they have a bunch of black lights in the club so everyone pretty much shine.

Lot’s of people I know was there. Among others someone I’d prefer not seeing again. But I managed to ignore him pretty well :)

Tony was there too! He’s been in Afghanistan for about two months (and now he’s gone back..Stupid army!) so I hadn’t really seen him for a while. He’s got a girlfriend now! It was the first time I met Pixie, even though we’ve both been regulars at this club for a long time. She was really nice and he didn’t ditch me for her so I was happy :)

Pixie knows Tony and me had sex a while ago, but she’s fine with that :) So she won’t be getting all jealous and stuff which is good. Tony is one of my closest friends and I would hate to lose him over some girl. Instead I think I gained a friend :D

When the club closed at 3AM I went to work xD I got there still wearing my party clothes and my boss was pretty amused. When I got off work he asked me if I could do some over time, but he was just joking. He knew I’d been out clubbing before xD