Statistically I’m more likely to be raped by a male friend than some stranger when I’m on my way home from the club, drunk and wearing a short skirt. So how can I tell if my friends are safe?

Well, first of all, I can’t, but if someone’s earned my trust they have to do something that would make me not trust them anymore. Like this guy did. So until I hear something specific about them not being safe I’ll trust my friends.

A couple of them I’m sure are safe in that aspect though. It’s not just me trusting them. I trusts a certain asshole after all… So I can be wrong with where I place my trust. Some guys have proven to me that I am safe with them.

I’ve slept with both of those friends.

One guy wanted sex with me, I wanted it too, but refused to do anything without a condom. He didn’t ask again. One time I asked him what he looked for in one night stans. He told me he wanted a cute girl who wasn’t too drunk. “I want to be absolutely sure that they know what they are doing and want to sleep with me at that time.”

The second guy I’m sure I can trust in that aspect is a former class mate. When I told him I’d be calling the cops if he did anything I wasn’t ok with he told me that wouldn’t matter since so few rape cases are sovled. He gave me the number of his best friend and fellow rape survivor (I’ve mer her) who would kill him if he ever did anything even bordering on the line to sexual assault.

So I’m pretty sure I’m safe with those two friends :P