I’ve got a couple of routines now. All my days look about the same… I wake up around 5PM, get up, take a shower and help make dinner. After that I’ll eat dinner (or breakfast depending on how you see it). After that I got a couple of hours of free time. I’ve spent a lot of those hours with boyfriend.

00.40 I watch Numb3rs on TV and eat something. When the show ends I get ready for work and walk to the bus. My bus leaves at 2.10AM. When the buses don’t strike I get off the bus and change to another one, but these past few days I’ve had to walk 2-2½ km to work. It’s ok with me… The only annoying thing is that a lot of cab drivers stop and ask if I need their services.

When I get to work I check which blocks I’ll be deliverin gnewpapers at. Then I do some paper work, update the adress book and what not. If I liked coffee I’d have a cup of coffee too, since we get it for free at my work.

When I’m done with delivering newspapers I’ll walk 200m to the subway station and check if they started going yet. If they haven’t I walk 2km back to the bus station and take a bus to boyfriend’s place. If the subway started going I’ll take the subway two stations and then change to a bus back to boyfriend’s place.

When I get back to his place I fall asleep. This will usually be sometime between 6 and 8AM.