My first post here is also my most read post. In that post I have a much details about my rape as I’ve ever put into writing in one post. I detailed the week I spent with the rapist. I just read through it. It hurt!

I was so ignorant, so blaming myself, so blind.

I couldn’t call it rape for a long time after it happened. First time I called it rape was more than a year and four months after it had happened.

Why is that post so frequently read? Are people enjoying reading about my pain? Or are there people who feel like they are not alone by reading my post? Does it just happen to have been filed under “sex” which must be one of the most frequently used search words for people to find me? is it cos I’ve linked back to it often? I don’t know.

It just hurts to be reminded of what happened every time I see my stats page. It’s soon two years ago it happened.

Sometimes I feel like my sexuality got completely hijacked and I still haven’t got it back… Flashbacks still wrecks my sex life at times. I still think about it too much. Seeing Italy and France play against each others in football (soccer) reminded me of it. I was raped once during the World Cup final between those two countries.