I got an e-mail from my dad. Just what I need, more drama and emotional turmoil.

He said he’d heard from my brother that I graduated top of my class and that he was proud of me. And that even if I don’t want to talk to him he will always be interested in my well-being  and he will always hope and pray that everything will work out for me. Then he wished me luck with my future and a nice trip to Greece.

I don’t know if I should reply or not… And if I do I don’t know what to say… Cos I can’t just forgive him if he doesn’t apologise. I can’t just pretend he’s been a great dad and what not. Cos he hasn’t. He’s been a jerk. But I do miss him, I miss having a father…

God, I don’t know what to do >< I think I’ll just go on vacation and try to not think too much.