I read this post over at The Curvature and started thinking about my choices when it comes to sex and the sex ed I had in school.

I more or less missed sex ed due to changing schools. I quit one school just as we started having sex ed and moved to another school in time for them to get their written projects handed back. But I did read one classmates written project and I think that’s the closest I’ve been to any comprehensive sex ed in school. More after the jump.

The sex ed they taught at my old school was biased. Very much so. Or it might’ve been the teacher who was very biased, I’ll never know. What they taught us was this: men can’t help their impulses so dress modestly, sex is for baby making, wait till you are married. And that’s it! Nothing on STDs, nothing on contraceptives, they didn’t even mention any of this!

This was in Sweden in the early years of this millenia. Sweden who is one of the top countries in the world on sex ed in school. How the hell did my school get away with teaching this crap? I will never know. I’m just happy I found out stuff on my own.

I read the Q&A sections in teen magazines. There I found out that women get wet when they get aroused and that this is needed for intercourse to feel good. I found out that there are other kinds of sex than intercouse. I found diagrams of male and female genitals. I found out what the clitoris was. I found out that condoms prevent pregnacies and STDs. I found out that hormonal contraceptives did nothing to prevent STDs and that differnt kinds of sex had different kinds of risks. I found out that not everyone is straight.

I’m so happy all this happened before I decided to become sexually active. I just wish I had learnt a bit more about active consent. I think that would’ve eased my guilt after I was raped. I didn’t want it, I told him so, he got me drunk and ignored my no.