This world is fucked up.

So fifteen year old gets raped by twenty-three year old in a state where the age of consent is sixteen. That’s breaking two laws. He should be tried for both rape and statuatory rape.

I found the video on YouTube, but couldn’t stand watching it. I just wanna cry… All the comments, calling her a liar and worse. Saying she should be in prison for “trying to ruin the guy’s life”. Should be in jail for filing a false report.

Guess what? She didn’t file a false report. Even if it was all consensual she wasn’t legally allowed to give consent. And what does that make it? Statuarory rape. This is one of the reasons those laws exist, so that older people shouldn’t take advantage of minors. Or in this case, rape them. Statutory rape laws makes it possbile to prosecute adults raping kids even if it can’t be proved, cos you can prove that there was sexual contact.