Verbally of course. I don’t think we should shoot rape applogists. But if we do, can we say that they “asked for it” by being so stupid? And that we were just saving the human race from these people passing on their genes?

Anyway, on to what I was supposed to write about. After the jump.

In a newspaper I read there was this guy who’s sent in a letter to the editor and claimed that girls wearing a thong “had it coming” if they were raped. Why? Cos thongs apparantly signalled that they were in heat and who could blame a guy for acting then? He signed the letter with “Not politically correct”.

The next day there was another letter to the editor published replying to “Not politically correct” who thought that he should’ve signed it “Not correct” instead. Didn’t he know that human females didn’t go into heat? And if a thong signalled a woman being “in heat” then how come thongs weren’t used in 10.000 years ago?

In another newspaper I read, a guy had sent in a letter to the editor comparing rape of a drunk victim walking home alone to the robbery of a drunk victim walking through the “unsafe” parts of town wearing nothing but big fat gold chains. The editor of that newpaper replied by asking if he thought the robber in that case should also be acquitted and the victim called stupid? Cos normally if the victim of the robbery was very drunk and stuff like that the robber gets a harder sentence for being ruthless and taking advantage of the victims drunken state.