Situation one:

Where? A camping at Roskilde, about a mile or two away from my own tent
When? 1AM-4AM, July 2007

I was hanging out with some guys I’d met at the festival, having fun, talking, learning to juggle, and drinking. I had a lot! And I didn’t know my own limit, and it was very strong (fifty-twenty five-twenty five mix of vodka, sprite and orange juice) So I got very drunk. So drunk that I couldn’t stand on my own. Alone with a bunch of guys I’d met a few days earlier. Far away from anyone I knew and none of them knew where I was.

Situation two:

Where? My best friends apartment.
When? Middle of the day, July 2007.

I was at my best friends place, just hanging out, watching TV, talking, stuff like that. We had some plans of going out clubbing in the weekend but didn’t. I had one drink, which was enough to get me giggly, but not drunk. My mum knew where I was, had a phone number and an adress. His family knew where I was. Other friends knew where I was.

Can you guess in which situation I was raped?

I have said it before, a million other people have said it before, but RAPE IS NEVER, EVER THE VICTIMS FAULT! I wasn’t raped cos I didn’t “look out” for myself, I wasn’t raped cos I was drunk/wearing a short skirt/had made out with him before/made him think I wanted it/any other rape appologising reason. I was raped cos I was alone with a rapist. I was raped cos a friend betrayed me and took advantage of me. I was raped cos he had grown up in a culture where rape is OK as long as you rape someone you know and don’t use a weapon or physically force them.