I’m pretty happy right now :)

I’m living on my own, and loving it! Stuff like cooking and shopping for groceries is kinda fun. I feel all grown up too :P And I’m living in the city! I really love that! I was out clubbing this weekend and it took me fifteen minutes to get home. That’s like a third of the time it took me to get to boyfriend’s place. I have a bus stop across the road where there are busses passing every twenty minutes at least (every six minutes at most), and another one liek five minutes away where there are buses passing like all the time.

I’m graduating in twenty-three days. I’m almost done with everything I need to do too! I have a project left to finish, an analytical essay left to write, a group project that needs to get finished, a Swedish-thingy, a maths project, a Physics final and I think that’s it. OK, it wasn’t that little when I see the whole list like that….

I have an extra job and a summer job. So I won’t be completely out of money this summer :) With one of the jobs I might be going to Roskilde Festival too!!! :D I was there two years ago and loved it! (What I didn’t love was the week that followed ><) Not only will I be going to an awesome festival, but I’ll get to go to Denmark too! I need to speak Danish once in a while or I’ll forget it…

I am going to Crete for a week this summer. I think that’ll be great! Sun, ocean, vacation… Wiiieee!! I’m going with my mum, brother, grandparents and aunt. I hope it’ll be fun :)