I’m sick of being half of a couple. Sick of being defined as someone girlfriend. Sick of having guys who hit on me and then find out I have a boyfriend apologise to him, like I’m not a person with feelings. Like he’s my owner. I’m sick of people asking me where boyfriend is when I’m going out alone.

When I was single I got so fed up with people asking me why a “pretty girl like you” were single. Or assuming I wasn’t cos I’m not ugly. I got so sick of people assuming I wanted a boyfriend.

I’m so sick of this society which socialises girls into dreaming about prince charming and a happy ever after as his wife and male nurses being asked why they “settled” for less than becoming a doctor. I’m sick of people being surprised that I’m not stupid cos I’m pretty, like a girl can’t be both at the same time.

I’m sick of womens’ worth being in their looks. I’m sick of female politicians with kids get asked if it’s not hard on the kids with a hard working mother when male politicians get asked about their political views.

I’m sick off all the “she asked for it” victim blaming, letting rapists walk free. I’m sick of all the “but maybe he didn’t realise she didn’t want it” excuses for rapists.

I’m sick of girls with a sex drive being labelled sluts or hoes. I’m sick of rapists excusing their behaviour with saying that she’s slept with many people before him. I’m sick of guys who get scared when girls openly sow that they want sex. I’m sick of girls having to hide their sexuality and desire.