On one of my posts I got a comment:

It IS a bad study because only people who’ve been raped have the chance to answer it, and you don’t have many people who’ve been raped to ask the questions to. You should’ve made it so that everyone could answer them and just compare their answers on how they use the internet or something. That way you could have everyone filling it out. Although you’d still need lots of people who’ve been raped so it probably wouldn’t work anyway.

This comment is silly. Why would I want answers from non-survivors when my study is about survivors? Why would it matter to me how non-survivors use the internet? Since my study isn’t about general internet use, but about survivors who use/don’t use the internet as a healing device. Also, there is a LOT of people who’ve been raped. A lot of those people use the internet. Some of them have stumbled upon my questionare. Many of those have chosen not to reply.