I don’t remember all this clearly, since I was very drunk…

On the night bus to my boyfriend’s place last Saturday I sat pretty close to what looked like a couple to me. They were making out; or rather, it looked like they were. The woman pushed the guy off of her, but he tried to go on.

She pulled out her cell phone and started texting someone, trying to get as far from the guy as she could without leaving her seat. This pretty soon had her pushed up against the wall with him all over her. At first I was just so shocked by all this that I could hardly react.

The woman kept saying “leave me alone”, over and over. Why didn’t he leave her alone then? What was wrong with this guy? After a while I got so fed up with him not stopping that I more or less yelled at him.

“She is telling you to leave her alone, what the fuck is wrong with you?” He didn’t even look at me. I described the whole situation for my boyfriend (whom I was on the phone with). By now I was very pissed off.

I gently nudged the guy’s leg with my foot to get his attention. I told him that you just don’t act like he was. You don’t push yourself on someone when they’ve clearly stated that all they want is for you to leave them alone. I called him an asshole. He just looked at me, like I was insane or something.

“Hey, I’m talking about you!” He didn’t get the point. Some people ought to be locked up!