I met up Ria at the Central Station after she’d been to some fair. She was slightly drunk when I met her xD She’d tried calling Lex but couldn’t get hold of him, so I tried calling. This time we got hold of him, but he wasn’t in town yet.

Me and Ria went to a cafĂ© to waste the time ’till he to town :) She bought me a giant chocolate chip cookie =D We talked about relationships, sex, a lot about people we know and life in general. We really need to meet up more often!

Lex turned up just in time to miss a train to his place, making us wait forty-fove minutes for the next one. Silly thing was late, otherwise we’d just have had to wait half an hour. Once we get to his place Ria dumps some things* and we get changed.

The club we were going to was this medieval themes thing and they served mead. Mead tasted icky! I tasted it, but didn’t want any of it once I had. So Lex sent one of his friends to buy me a glass of wine. Their wine glasses were really pretty :)

When we got drunk enough After a while we decided to play “I have never..” Most people I meet know the rules, but since there are several versions I’ll just explain them quickly. One person starts buy saying like “I have never gone to school”. Then everyone who has gone to school will have to drink something. Some play this with shots, some just take a sip for everything they have done. We played with sips. Otherwise I’d have had to stop waaay earlier than we did.

Lex’s friend started with saying that he’d never been to [place we were at]. Since everyone had been there everyone had to drink. Pretty soon it turned to sexual things, as it mostly does. I found out that Lex has had a fivesome, that everyone but Lex’s friend had had sex in a car, but Lex was the only one who had done it in the front seat. That wasn’t anything he recommended though xD

Ria wanted to know if I had ever cheated, so next time it was her turn she said: “I have never cheated.” Her and Lex had something to drink, I didn’t and neither did Lex’s friend. Of course I was really curious when/with whom/on whom Ria had cheated, but she only told me who she’s cheated on. That she won’t tell me with whom makes me pretty certain it’s someone I know.

Lex’s friend hadn’t had anything to drink on any of the sex questions, so I was starting to suspect that he was a virgin. So next time it was my turn I said “I have never had sex”. He was a virgin.

Sometime someone said something along the line of never having kissed anyone by the table. This actually resulted in me and Ria making out. Lex was taking pictures**. I think boyfriend is a better kisser than Ria :P But that could also be cos we were really drunk :P

I was really wasted that night. Every time I emptied a glass Lex or his friend bought me a new glass of wine. I also had two shots. And I’m really light weight!! They found out I’d been raped… And that’s usually not something I just tell people for fun..

Around three we left. There wasn’t much point in staying since the place closed xD Me and Ria couldn’t walk straight and had a lot of fun xD We split up by the subway station, I was going south everyone else was going north.

I had a great time :)

* She was going to spend the night there.
* I just saw those pics xD He sent them to me over MSN. No, I won’t post any here!