We had a FIRE! This made me very happy^^ But let’s start from the beginning.

I got off the bus one stop too soon, so I had to walk a bit extra. When I got there Lina was there (ofc) and Nympho and another girl I know. There was a bunch of other people there as well whom I didn’t know. One of the guys hit on pretty much every girl there. We had a barbecue and people pretty soon guessed I was a vegetarian xD I like corn!

Later that evening some people from Lina’s class showed up. I knew most of them vaguely but Martin was the only one I’d actually talked to before. He had his water pipe with him and everyone there was happy about it. I also tried smoking… It looked so funny to exhale smoke ^^ And it didn’t smell icky like cigarette smoke does.

When it got dark they lit a huge fire :D This made me very happy! I sat staring into the fire and chatting to Martin most of the evening. Then Lina’s friend who hit on everyone came out. He was sitting too close to me. I didn’t like it very much and tried to push him away.

I called boyfriend around ten just to talk to him a bit. He sounded tired.

Around eleven Nympho’s boyfriend turned up. He had just gotten off work and promised her that he would come pick her up when he got off. Since I was sleeping at their place it was also time for me to leave. We said good bye to everyone. Lina was very drunk and told us how happy she was that we could come and how much she loved us xD

When we got to Nympho’s place we played cards for a while and then her boyfriend’s sister got a ride home. Then we went to bed.