Yesterday I was out with Linda, Daisy and Linda’s friend Nellie. Linda and Daisy worked as go-go dancers. They said if they needed a substitute in case one of them couldn’t do it they’d ask me :D

I had a lot of fun, got really drunk, and danced pretty much all night. I’ve missed hearing decent music when going out. The club I usually go to went more “mainstream” a couple of months ago and it’s only been going downhill since then.

Nellie said watching me dance made her happy and also want to dance :) Dancefloors with decent music=happiness. I’d been feeling pretty down for most of the weekend, so that was needed. It’s also good for my self esteem when people compliment me for things when I’m just doing what I love.

I’ll upload some pictures later :)

When I woke up this morning the room was still spinning xD Later I just wanted to die cos I felt so miserable. It was worth it though, cos I had such a good time last night^^