This is what part of my Friday looked like:

07.14- My alarm goes off the first time, I hit snooze.
07.22- My alarm goes off the second time, I hit snooze again.
07.30- My alarm goes off the third time, this time I turn it off.
07.32- I get out of bed.

08.13- I do the dishes and make some sandwiches cos I can’t be bothered to eat breakfast.
08.58- Get in the car and go to school.
09.22- Get to school. Dump my bag in my locker and head for the library.
09.27- Start a computer in the library and read blogs and stuff…
10.05- Head to class.
10.15- My Maths class starts. I turn on my music, ignored the teacher and starts teaching myself integrals. It wasn’t that hard actually^^
11.15- I leave class ten minutes early cos I was very bored. My teacher was ok with that.
11.17- Eat two of my sandwiches, then head to the library again.
12.02- Head to my second lesson, this time it’s Swedish.
12.11- Teacher arrives a minute late and the class starts.
12.42- Teacher dismisses class even though we aren’t supposed to finish ’till 13.30. No one complains.
12.58- Head for the bus, notice there is no bus for another twenty minutes. To lazy to walk so I wait.
13.22- Bus arrives two minutes late.
13.28- Bus arrives at my stop and I get off. Wander around town doing nothing.
13.48- Head for the mall. Stop by a shop selling fancy dresses and wedding dresses. Watch girl get fitted for wedding dress. She seemed to like the dress, I didn’t. She looked like a meringue.
13.56- Walk the ten or so metres to the shoe shop where I have an interview.
13.58- My job interview starts.
14.05- My job interview ends and I head for the train.
14.12- The train arrives. Bunch of people get off since it’s thje end station and a bunch of people get on to go the other way.
14.18- The train leaves.
14.56- Train arrives at the station where I’m changing trains.
15.01- My other train leaves.
15.37- Train arrives at my station, I get off.
15.43- Get on my bus.
15.45- Bus leaves.
15.51- Bus arrives at my stop.
15.52- Mortality is lost in residential area.
15.54- Mortality thinks she knows the right way.
15.55- Ended up on the wrong street, but found sign for where I was headed.
15.59- Arrive at Linda’s place.
16.00- Knock on the door, her dogs go crazy!
16.01- She opens the door, holding little dog away with a leg and carrying baby on hip.
16.26- Mum calls. Askes about interview.
16.50- Tony calls. Decide to meet up the day after.
17.41- Boyfriend calls. I feel popular. He asks if I’m having dinner at his place.
18.15- Leave.
18.21- Arrive at bus stop. Didn’t get lost this time :)
18.27- Bus comes.
18.31- Bus arrives at train station.
18.37- Train leaves.
19.05- Train arrives at Central Station and boyfriend calls again. He asks how far I’ve come.
19.06- Give some change to a man playing violin.
19.07- Just miss a subway train headed in the right direction.
19.09- The next train arrives.
19.18- Arrive at my station. Head for the bus.
19.23- Bus leaves.
19.28- Boyfriend gets on bus.
19.43- Bus arrives at our stop.
19.45- Boyfriend’s mum picks us up.