Today when I finished school I met this girl who I used to take dancing classes with. She was together with a guy in my brothers class and somehow we started talking about rape and stuff. Her cousin had been raped after she’d passed out on a party. This cousin blamed herself. She should’ve taken better care of herself, she shouldn’t have had so much to drink, she shouldn’t have passed out.

My friend had called people from the party wanting to know the names of the guys who’d raped the cousin. These people were all like “no, these guys are our friends! You can’t report them to the police!”

Assholes. Guys like that are not your friends, and if they don’t get reported you could be the next they take advantage off. And even if they are your friends, how can you live with yourself if you deliberately let somebody elses rapists off? If someone you knew had been raped by two different guys at a party YOU attended, how can you withhold information that might help these rapists get convicted? It’s partly because of people like you that so few rapists get convicted!

Rape is a horrible crime even if it is you friend who committed it.