Ria called me on Saturday and asked if I wanted to go out. Sure I said despite feeling a bit ill. Boyfriend said he’d come too when I asked him.

We got there almost an hour before Ria, but a couple of other regulars were there, so I didn’t feel like I was there “too early”.

Ria turned up about the same time that the DJ started playing. The music was slow, boring and repetitive. It was like he was trying to get us to fall asleep in stead of dancing. Wiiie… Not!

He actually started playing decent music an hour or so later, so in the end it was pretty fun^^ When I was out on the dance floor guy I recognised approached me. He asked if I recognised him, and after a while I even remembered him, but not his name. So I asked what his name was.

“I can’t remember,” he joked. At least I really hope he was joking. Based on the fact that he could walk and talk I don’t think he was too drunk to remember his own name.

All in all I actually had a pretty fun night^^