Yesterday I didn’t have much to do in school so I sent long rambling e-mails to my mother and boyfriend. Not the same e-mail, but both of them were pretty long and rambling.

I used to do stuff like that all the time when I was younger. Before I discovered websites like Fictionpress, “my” forum and blogs. Now blogs take up a lot of my online time.

In the online conversation with my mum we ended up talking about hair dye. And she wanted to borrow a book from me when I was done reading it ^^ The book in question is called Days of War, Nights of Love. Bubblegum Boy borrowed it from the library and as he is going abroad this week he asked me to return it. So I did and borrowed it for myself.

With boyfriend I went on about incarceration rates in the US. The whole prison system over there is fucked up.. I also mentioned that someone had changed places on the keys on a keyboard, but that it didn’t bother me xD