What bothers me the most about this shit isn’t that you’re talking to her really. It’s how when you are talking to her you say it’s only when you happen to be at the club at the same time. When you’re not talking to her you have to ignore her on IM, her texts and e-mails. It’s like you minimize of the contact you have with her, which to me makes it look like you’re hiding something.

What bothers me is that you told me you only talk to her cos you feel bad about ignoring people or being rude, yet mostly when I see you talking to her you are the one approaching her. She isn’t the one coming up to you to say hi.

I know I should probably talk to you in person about this stuff instead of writing here, but I can’t really bring it up. Every time I do I just end up getting hurt. You tell me I’m over reacting, ask me what I want you to do, make me feel really bad about bringing it up.

You know what I wanted you to do, but you also know I’d never ask for it. I’m never going to ask someone to ignore someone else for my sake.

Remember how I told you I’d never make you chose? How I said that if I felt like you were ignoring me for her I’d just leave? Not completely true. Had it been completely true I’ve broken up with you less than a week after we got together. And I wouldn’t have gotten back together with you.