Today was really crappy.

In school we’re doing a group thingy. One guy in my class hasn’t been in school a lot so the last lesson who promised to do one thing for the project. Sure, I said and asked him to e-mail it to me in case he wouldn’t be in school today. He said he would be there and therefore wouldn’t need my e-mail address. Do you think he was there? No way.. Next time I see him I’ll kick his lazy ass.

On one of the blogs I read I left a comment. I was a bit generalising cos I’d been pretty tired when I wrote it. Today I find myself attacked by some person, basically being called a bigot and a racist. I might be biased (who isn’t?) but I’m not a racist, and I generally don’t look down on someone based on their race/gender/orientation/beliefs/other thing people are usually discriminated on the basis of.

Then my mum proceeds to be two hours late to pick me up. And to make it even better she had to do some shopping. She came to pick me up at the time when I expect to have been home for like an hour…

Someone please put me put of my misery?