I just can’t help but feel hurt every single time this happens, but I can’t get over it. It’s like what she did doesn’t matter at all or like you just think I’m over reacting. I know you think I was making a big fuzz over it before, so it’s not that far fetched to think that you still think so.

I will never understand how quickly you get over things, just like you won’t ever understand that it takes me quite a while to get over something. I just wish you knew how hard this is for me, how sad I get… I feel ignored and belittled. Like what she did doesn’t matter at all, like she was just really nice or something.

I also don’t get how you go back to being friends with someone who will stop talking to you for nothing like once a week. It also feels like you approve of all the things she did to me… She lied about me. She treated you like shit. She tried to get me stranded, four in the morning with no where to go. Had I not had my stuff at your place I’d probably not gone home with you that night. That night it wasn’t cos I wanted, it was cos I had to. ‘

Bloody hell, I need to stop thinking about this shit.