For every article I read on crazy “pro-lifers” from the US the happier I get with “our” pro-lifers.

The crazy American “pro-lifers” say that condoms have small holes in them so they aren’t really safe anyway, they oppose contraceptives and proper sex-ed.

Here, pro-lifers seem to actually be pro-life and not anti-choice. They support proper sex-ed, contraceptives and think that condoms are a great thing if you want to avoid pregnancies and STDs.

This crazy rape-apologist is also pro-life, but she thinks everyone should just get EC.

If the condoms breaks, there is EC.
If you get raped, there is EC.
If a girl just doesn’t want to have a kid, there is EC.
If you can’t afford a kid, there is EC.
If you don’t want to ruin your career, there is EC.

She just completely seemed to forget that you can only use EC if you know that your primary birth-control failed. And in the case of anything other than condoms you just don’t know that it failed until you already are pregnant and then EC doesn’t work!

Sex-ed in Sweden doesn’t cover everything, but it covers pretty much all the basics. Covers contraceptive use, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted infections and how to avoid them, good reasons to have sex (your boyfriend wants it is not a good reason), masturbation, and probably a bunch of stuff I forgot. It’s miles better than the abstinence only crap they teach in the US.